Friday, 13 September 2013

The Curious Incident.

After an eventful Monday night at tiki bar Mahiki in Green Park, a slow afternoon in West London was much needed. Getting into Paddington early afternoon we walked our usual circuit around Piccadilly to Trafalgar Square and over to Covent Garden. 

We snooped around Somerset House looking at the installation for London Fashion Week and went to the elBulli exhibition, which was awesome. 

This was an installation when a dining table was projected onto a table showing each plate being served, enjoyed and removed. The content of the exhibition was really interesting and something that i do not usually have an interest in, however the way this exhibition was constructed and displayed was amazing.

Attempting to use my new telephoto lens, to the best of her ability.

We went to the Shake Shack for a early dinner in the square, which was a first for me and such a good choice. We sat inside as the weather was just beginning to turn miserable and scoffed our ShakeBurgers with a Shake made Lemonade. So yummy and not too greasy. Just enough to send us on our way. Also they got my name wrong, which i expect now but they genuinely seemed to think my name was ‘Cray’ not Gray...

We then headed back on over to the Shaftesbury Avenue an got a bubble tea, killing some time before the show started. As per usual i played it safe with a Lychee and White Peach mixer, but will also recommend their Passionfruit and Cucumber mixer. 
Tickets in hand we went in the side entrance to take our seats on the balcony in seat 17 (a prime number) and 18. 
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time, was the first proper book i read aged 10 (roughly), i could relate with the main character more than i would like to admit and the book was so logically and simply written that it was something i read two or three times a year til aged 14 or so. When it opened at the National Theatre i knew it was something that would appeal to me, after being moved to the Apollo Theatre we booked it. After that i tried not to read it before we went to go see it, because i did not want to keep comparing it to the book. I think now we have seen it, i will read it again.

 I found in the end it was better being in seats on the balcony because they drew and projected pictures onto the floor, as well as building a train set. And for such a small stage they created a large environment as each scene would come forward and then move back for the next one.

 A calm day was just what was needed and now having a temporary phone to use makes everything so much easier, even though it may not be a smart phone.

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