Thursday, 5 September 2013

Traipsing in Hyde Park.

Monday was so hot in London, just when i think the Bristish summer is begging to fizzle out the heat cranks back up again. We met in Paddington just after eleven and went to the tube line to Bakerloo. Being my usual self when topping up my Oyster card I dropped my phone. Crashing to the floor it went, me thinking nothing of it as I drop it every other day. But today my phone was not feeling to invinceable and smashed, but not just skin deep exposing the LED and making the screen unresponsive. This rocketed my anxiety for the rest of the day. Not ideal.

We went to the Breakfast Club in Soho, which just seems to be my first port of call always when i go into town around midday, for my fix of american pancakes, berries and maple syrup. Unfortunately, i accidentally put my camera on to a weird setting which made all my photos near black. After another little fit of panic and regaining the peace of mind i realised that i had not broken my camera lens, no. 
We then wanted to go to a book shop, but later found it was closed due to refurbishments. Nevertheless, we went to Hyde Park and walk the entire width of the park along the Serpentine in the late afternoon sun. 
Since i was not in London last summer, and i missed the atmosphere of Londoners whilst the 2012 Games were on; but if i were to imagine what is was like, then that day walking through the park is  was what i would imagine. 

On are last stop in the park we went to the Serpentine Pavilion, which i always go to each summer but almost missed it this year. I am glad i did not because it was one of my favourites (and one on the smallest), although the red glass structure from 2010 would be my all time favourite because inside they had red smeg fridges to match behind the bar.

When i got back home i was very tired because i had spent a lot of the day panicking and getting hysterical because i had lost control and contact without my phone. i had always hoped i would not react to hopelessly to being without my phone, but i am not. 
And i am also very aware that my writing style has dramatically changed and i think this is because i just finished reading the Perks of Being a Wallflower, which i loved.

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