Sunday, 1 September 2013

Quick Catch Up?

Long time, no see. Or so it seems. Having not posted since getting my new job which; few things seem to have changed. In my absence i received my a level results, of which were below my expectations at BBC, although i was still accepted to Queen Mary’s for two weeks time which i am ecstatic about. However at the moment it still does not seem a reality, and i am in no way prepared. 
I think i am just beginning to come out of a ‘dark’ phase again, this being what i use to refer to the parts of my life. It is always difficult to explain to people what these dark phases are, but i mostly just compare them to how Charlie (from Perks of Being a Wallflower) describes his ‘getting bad’ again; where overall you are sad and lonely but you can still be happy all at the same time. I use the word ‘dark’, the way one would describe an agent  going dark - no contact or response to the outside world. 
I hope that going to university which a fresh environment will help and i will stand on my own two feet again. I went to visit a friend who had already moved into her dorm at Central Saint Martens, as they start really early. I have also started posting photos on another blog stream called The Shutter Gunner (because shutter bug just seemed to feminine when referring to myself), this is where i hope to share single photos with less of an essay attached.

I also had a break in Rock near Padstow in Cornwall. This gave me opportunity to try out my new lens and new subjects as rural settings are not something i am usually keen on photographing. I am sure there will be a litter of post to follow of snaps i want to share of that trip and an update on how my photo album is coming along (keeping putting off sending a batch of photos to the developers in fear of how big the bill will be when i go pick them up).
Tomorrow, with a day off work i took up the opportunity to go for afternoon tea with a friend i have not seen all summer and then hope to meet with the Master’s Mate (if we can strangle her away from her new life at CSM).

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