Wednesday, 7 August 2013

New Job.

This week I started my new job, nothing too ground breaking, a retail job for the remainder of summer. Because it is a small contract I am not given a clothing allowance to buy a uniform from the shop, consequently they asked me to wear dark trousers, a neutral top, no logos and no doctor martens. This posed a problem for me.
Firstly I have two pairs of shoes (I always feel like Alex Day when I say this) - my beloved patent black doctor martens which I live in and a pair of navy converse, an essential. Both shoes did not comply to the requirements therefore I needed to buy a new pair of shoes. 
Secondly, I do not own trousers, or jeans or any plain leggings. Therefore had to buy a pair of trousers too. 
And finally, the majority of my tops are either branded with a tv show, carry an excentric pattern or have a print. Therefore I had to buy a new top. 
All in all I know they try to make it easy for me by letting me where 'my own clothes' but ... nay. 
So after trawling round clothing shops, I picked an outfit inspired by a friend who also works in retail. Basically, just tried to find an outfit identical to hers. 
So here are the results. 

Shirt top from Mint Velvet - £39 (reduced from £59)
I feel like this is quite a grown up shirt, which I a trend I have noticed in my own opinions more and more. Usually I dress like a seven year old in a pinny, scruffy shoes and an awful combination of patterns and colors. However I feel like my tastes are growing with my age now, and I do not think Iike it. When trying to look for something neutral and simple, my mind always goes straight to Mint Velvet and The White Company. So trusty. 
Trousers from Model&Co. - £24 
Having not owned a pair of trousers for a few years now with the exception of trousers/jeans for previous jobs, I found this to be the hardest task. M&Co. have many a questionable item in store, however there trousers provide a staple and simple look with thin stretchy material - they seemed ideal for work. 
Shoes from Topshop - £18 (reduced from £35) 
Even more rarely than trousers do I buy shoes, so this was quite a novel experience. Running into a big Topshop in a near by town centre because no shop in my town supplies shoes in stock for size nine, I picked up the last pair of these shoes from the sale. Although in small stores they never have my size, they always have my shoe size in the sale in larger stores. They are comfy and I have spent the last couple days breaking them in dog walking, and they are neutral enough to wear to work but may just work with my pinafore too. In these photos i think the colour may look a little more tan than in real life.

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