Thursday, 1 August 2013

Italy: Getting There

Majority of people i know hate the suffering of traveling all day and sometimes all night. People hate planes and flying and the smell an airport. People hate taking off and landing as well as the safety video before flight. People hate not being in contact with the world below and waiting to collect their luggage from the caracell. I am not one of these people, everything about travelling i love. If i could find a way to make a living from travelling on planes, trains, boats, any transport - but a dream.
The flight from London to Pisa was just over two hours, granted not long but just in time for breakfast at nine am. 

When travelling you are given the opportunity to capture vast landscapes and structures, not ordinarily seen or appreciated. Each one of the image in this post is incomparable to daily life - a line of jumbo jets, a run down plane, the fields of southern England and France, and the space above the earth.

For some unheard reason there were two planes in a run down state just as we were speeding off for taxi - hardly comforting for shaky fliers


A lone cloud
The horizon  

Unfortunately, by the time the food trolly had made it to us, there was only English Breakfast left so i accepted and swapped all my bacon, sausages and scrabbled egg for his fruit and croissant. WIN.
Then we reached south east France and flew over the Alps, which was incredible as the sky was so clear and the clouds condensed providing a breath taking unobstructed view.

Then crossing the coast line of Italy, beaming with sunshine.

Straight from the airport we then got the train to Firenze in what looks like quite a dry heat, but it was surprisingly bearable. 

Me continuing to wear my prom dress as it is my only non homeless attire 

And i thought this post might not be a bombardment of photos - how stupid.

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