Saturday, 3 August 2013

What’s On: Galleria Uffizi

When mentioning to friends and acquaintances that i would be holidaying in Florence this summer, it was suggested unanimously to visit the Uffizi Gallery. As an art obsessive, not to visit would be out of the question. The entire experience was over whelming and exhausting; information suggests setting aside three to four hours to sufficiently cover the gallery. In my opinion, this is not a possibility. we spent two and a half hours in the gallery, which was enough to see the main attractions and more.

Birth of Venus - Botticelli

On many review sites and the gallery’s website, it is suggested that you book in advance to skip the ticket queue and go straight into the advanced ticket queue. My plan was to get the hotel to book ahead for me, unfortunately my message was either lost in translation or misplaced on the front desk, either way no reservation was made for us. On a bet we went to the gallery around one in the afternoon when the sun was highest and hottest to hope that the queues would be shorter then than ever. On a whim we purchased some tickets from an external company, trying to shirt pre purchased advanced booked tickets. At one euro more expensive than we would have paid had we waited in the line for an hour and a half we walked into the gallery within ten minutes. It was a miracle. 

Doni Tondo - Michelangelo

I would highly recommend a visit, as would anyone, to the Uffizi Gallery as it shuns any other art museum in terms of scale. However, i believe it is not essential part of visiting Florence as the entire city is crammed full of art, architecture, sculpture, history and numerous other art galleries.

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