Friday, 2 August 2013

A Morning in Florence.

The hotel we were staying at has the most amazing breakfast buffet, which i think ended my week with my room being free due to the extent to which we exploited the selection. Most importantly they offered nutella and canned peaches, more on the hotel in a later post. 

Purchased this top and skirt from asos with the primary objective of keeping me cool, inspired from Sprinkle of Glitter’s Summer Lookbook.

Each road, street and alleyway provided new scenes of architecture, sculpture and row of bikes. Florence is a very compact city, so everything that you want to see of note is in a walking distance and even then there is something to see along the way. However this did mean that one wrong turn, and we would end up somewhere completely different to where we had mapped out.

Chocolate chip ice cream
Two archways on the street side

Great arc

Amongst the old thirteenth century architecture is a stark contrast of modern everyday objects, of which the comparison was most notable throughout the city. For example, the two arch ways on the street; the right one with iron wrought railings and the left one with electric neon writing. Second example, with the great arc in one of the many plazas, in close proximity is a children’s carrocel.  

Also some of the traffic signs ad been altered which made me chuckle and i ended up looking for more for the remaindered of the day, rather than fully appreciating my surrounding environment.

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