Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Holiday reading list.

I have recently got into the habit of reading a book half way and then beginning a new book. It is not that I am not interested I the books, just that I do not see to have the attention span for an entire book at the moment.

When going on a break I find reading a quick and easy replacement for all the thing i do not have which would otherwise fill my time, apart from exploring the area I am in. 
So when the offer to go to Florence for a week arose I decided it would be about time to finish all the books I had previously begun. 
Taking the option of four books to feed my fleeing attention span, two being non fiction and the other two fiction. 
The fiction books consist of the sequel story to the Devil Wears Prada, aptly named the Revenge Wears Prada from Lauren Weisberger. So far it is okay, I am adamant to stay with it because I loved the Devil Wears Prada film. It is very relationship, sweating the small stuff type story, which I do not mind but I have balanced this by reading a book aimed primarily at young teenage boys.

The Anthony Horowitz collection beginning with Stormbreaker, is a series I have really gotten into over the last six months. Currently reading Scorpio, the fifth book in the series, about a teenage boy spy called Alex Rider adventuring in Italy.

On the other hand I am also reading two non fiction books both channeling a similar theme. The Element by Ken Robinson and Bounce by Matthew Seyd both discuss what mind set and knowledge it takes to function and compete at at your personal optimum and beyond. What I like about both these books is the references to statistics, research cases and real life experiences (bounce more first hand experiences and the element more second hand). Without reading these books, they look like self help books, but they are actually really objective. The Element i found after watching Ken Robinson's TED talks, which are inspiring and enjoyable as he talks so easily in front of people.

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