Monday, 29 July 2013

Summer Nails.

Since organising my collection of nail polished, I never quite realised how many different shades of neutral, blue and metallics I had, and I would not even consider myself any good at painting nails. However, recently I have been attending more and more events where I need to drop the shabby chic homeless look and attempt a respectable attire. With this I have latched in to the habit of going to get my nails done. It began with a manicure and colour and has evolved into getting a pedicure and shellac manicure.

With a trip abroad in sight I wanted to try my best at colours beyond blue or metallic. On booking, I was wearing a bright coral from a rimmel nail collection, so I wanted to stick with a bright pink or orange. My nail salon in Marlow uses all OPI nail polishes, so I picked a bright summery orange for my footsies. As I was getting tho done the pedicurist convinced me to try shellac nail polish. A few friends use this, but I was not sure to the reality of the claims lasting nail polish of two to three weeks. Five days in and it is still in flawless condition. I got a pearly neuatral colour which is slightly metalic, but I let myself off due to the show stopper that is my toes. Saying that, my toes are also still flawless. All in all the job cost £45 which I would consider good money if that stand the width of time promised.  

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