Tuesday, 16 July 2013

What's On: Saatchi Gallery (Part One)

The Saatchi Gallery is an all time favourite gallery located in a picturesque, calm part of London - Sloane Square. Additionally, after visiting twice last week i also appreciated the powerful air conditioning system in the newly found British heatwave. I have so many photos from this particular gallery visit, consequently i am dividing the visit into two posts. 

Rebecca Turner
This one piece i found marvellous because the rock attached to the wall actually looks like a rock. Only on meticulous inspection could you see the fibres binding the paper pulp material. To me the disguise of the paper sphere into a rock was an art in its self, as well as the idea of it pinned to the wall was amusing and original in my eyes.

Another art installation, in gallery room four, attracted quite a bit of attention and was the most populated room in the building i suspect. A row of 16 or so rectangular, paper bags aligned the nearest wall at shoulder height.  Constructed inside each bag was a tree using the paper from a face of the bag and glue. Some may argue that this is not art that it is a paper folding at an extreme level, but not art. However i believe anything that has been created may be considered as an art piece.

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