Monday, 22 July 2013

Law Changers

So last last week same sex marriage became legal in England and Wales. Personally, I am for same sex marriage because I believe that it is not for someone else to dictate against such a strong part of another persons life, when it has no influence or effect upon the third party. Some people argue that if two people of the same sex were to marry, it would destroy the sanctity of marriage. I believe this is utter bullshit. Each can name a hetrosexual couple in the public eye or some one they know that have made a mockery of the ‘sanctity of marriage’, however let such people get married is not against the law. Again, i do not argue that every same sex marriage will 100% successful, but to deny the opportunity of the human right to marry (not hetrosexual privilege) i find incomprehensible. Personally, i believe we will look back on a time without the legalisation of same sex marriage the same way we now look back on a time without the legalisation of inter racial marriage.
I was most surprised to see England and Wales so far behind on this necessary change with states in America, France, New Zealand and a few other countries already legalised. I always perceived England to be at the forefront of human rights changes. 

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