Friday, 26 July 2013

Evening dog walk.

To begin, a quick unforgivable confession - my chocolate labrador is called Tubby. Now I must explain how this came about, a name I did not consciously choose as his official name. When we first went to the breeders to choose a puppy from four pups, I chose our dog as the one who kept chewing on my shoe laces. He was also the dog with the biggest rib cage and the alpha of the litter. Naturally he was the biggest dog and because of his rib cage he was the fattest. So when we took him home and while brainstorming a name we just called him the tubby puppy. Then we never gave him a proper name because of some many strong opinions and different suggestions, that after a while Tubby just stuck. Now, I love the name as it was something that came naturally (rather than Fang, which is what I was arguing to call him) and I could never see him with any other name. 
There is a field at the end of my road where I take Tubby for a walk in the evening once the heat of the day has subsided a little. The light was amazing at this moment, paired with the yellow of the wheat I had a photo taking spree on my sister's iPhone. 

Tubby loves the tall wheat running in and out of the crops bounding above tops of the wheat. A constant battle of calling him out of the crops and him running and skipping back in. 

He has grown so much in the last two years and looks more in proportion, but not to big that we cannot still pick him up. 
I must say I took these on an iPhone and they are good, but there is not the edit and enhance on iPhone that I would otherwise have applied if I had downloaded them onto my computer. And all the horizons are wonky. 

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