Thursday, 18 July 2013

What’s On: Saatchi Gallery (Part Two)

So, continued from previous post from the Saatchi Gallery due to the excessive amount of photos. The excessive nature of my photo taking is far from controlled, but exceeds any limit when with other friends who have a similar habit to me. A friend from school and myself take time out to have our ‘hipster days’ - this is where we go out together and do whatever we want, like taking photos of our food, obsessing over unknown operatic artists and sitting on the pavement, without the relentless judgement from our friends. This is our freedom day.
Naturally this day is filled with breakfast for lunch, endless galleries, and in this heat - the hunt for the best air conditioned spaces in London. The Tube ranking at the bottom of the list and the Saatchi Gallery at number 1. Consequently, a lot of time was spent wondering the levels of the gallery.

The detail and fragility of this installation was unnerving, as someone not being unknown to trip over her own feet, i was weary to get too close. From my observation the floating city was constructed from tracing paper and photo prints of flats strung up to the ceiling with string. A strong theme throughout the entire gallery was the noticeable amount of hours committed to each piece in such detail. 

This next installation i remember to be my first introduction to modern art, at such a young age. This room on the underground floor at the Saatchi has housed the installation for years, understandable. Upon entering the room nothing seems out of the ordinary, only when suggest the ground is not the ground, you can begin to recognise the reflectiveness of the layer of still oil across the expanse of the room. I visit this room upon each visit to the Saatchi with the same eagerness, time and time again.

 After attempting to incorporate the photographs from the Saatchi into a day trip post and failing due to an overwhelming amount of photos, a separate post (two posts) was apt and a manageable for such circumstance.

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