Sunday, 14 July 2013

Birthday Walk About.

The past few days have been crazy and non stop for my birthday as well as the English weather reaching 30 degrees this weekend which is too much for me to handle, so i think its an indoors, air conditioned weekend for me. 
On Friday i went to Covent Garden with a few friends for my birthday as i thought it appropriate to do something special for my 18th, considering i have not celebrated my birthday in five years going for lunch was something special. I had a table at a pizza place in Neals Yard on the recommendation of The Londoner, which to no surprise was a good bet. Homeslice is five minute walk from Covent Garden tube station and is perfect for a casual lunch, continued on my other blog What I Ate TODAYish.
The rest of the day was filled with miles of walking to different parks near the river and in soho, as well as stopping off at food places such as The Breakfast Club, Snog and many more throughout the afternoon and early evening. Friday evenings are the best because everyone sits outside along every stretch of pavement in the backstreets with friends drinking, chatting and people watching.

Neals Yard

Outside a Vans 

20 inch pizza

Some map patterned wrapping paper

Boris bikes

Soho Square

Overall i think we were continuously walking for five or six hours only being lost half time and the other half with strong hunches of which direction to walk next. Thinking of sharing some of the best gifts i got for my 18th, as it was a special one.

See you on an even!

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