Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Music Of The Moment.

I have been meaning to compose a music post since forever. Nevertheless, instead of posting my latest purchases i thought it would be less of an essay if i just posted a select few of my favourites at the moment. This playlist is not of my most recent discoveries but of songs i have been listening to for a while and fell confident to recommend. As a die hard Macklemore and Ryan Lewis fan this playlist could easily just consist of just there recent and past songs. However this would be pointless. 
I must also reference SincerelyLara for the idea of presenting this playlist from her Tuesday Tunes.
Additionally, Hold Me from Tom Odell is a good song but his performance at the Burberry Prorsum in February is awesome. There is a more polished video of his performance, the first video; although i implore that you watch the full catwalk show, the second video. In the full catwalk show his live performance begins two thirds of the way through the show, as Paloma Faith fades he begins to play behinds the doors at the apex of the runway. As the doors open few people register there is a live performance, however after the first line of his song the whole room is focused upon the entrance of the runway; and i literally lost the use of my respiratory system. 

Hold Me Tom Odell - Live At The Burberry Prorsum

Full Show Burberry Prorsum Womenswear A/W13

The day this post is published I’m my 18th birthday, so i thought i might schedule something in advance and give myself a day off. 

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