Friday, 19 July 2013

Film Fest One.

As of recent i have been in a very tired state, most likely due to the new found heat of the British weather. Consequently between midday and four in the afternoon i shut down due to peak sun and fall into a sloth like manner. This has provided prime opportunity for lots of film watching. Most commonly i may watch three or four new films a week when at school. Therefore with the combination of summer time no stress and my early afternoon sloth time, i have watched a exorbitant amount of films as of late.
Within the few days i have watched nine films of which i wanted to share a little opinion.
Side Effects - 76 popcorns
A constant battle with which character you allegiance stood, due to unraveling of an unexpected story line and counter apposing directors portrayal of each main character.
Stick It - 82 popcorns 
An all time favourite film of mine, a real guilty pleasure from 2004 with the only notable actor being Jeff Bridges (an awesome photographer as well).
Senna - 85 popcorns 
A documentary which holds your attention throughout, and I am not one or crying in films, but I did well up a little. Most notably, since Senna's death in May 1994 the health and safety regulations have been adjusted, resulting in an absencence of fatal injuries on the track since. 
Euro Trip - 35 popcorns 
A new film to me, certainly not my cup of tea. Funny, but do not think it is something I would watch twice. 
Cloud Atlas - 65 popcorns 
An unusual film following five or six stories from different locations and time periods. The first hour is really confusing the first time you watch it because there is no introduction to the amalgamation of stories and it is hard to keep up with so many plot lines. 
Notting Hill - 72
An all time classic English film for 1999 obviously with Hugh Grant. It's soppy and predictable but better than any American attempt at a romantic comedy. 
Welcome To The Punch - 55
Begins well and then gets a little boring. A few people die with a little emotion shown by the characters effected, but they do not grieve for long. The directors signature of shooting faces is different, and something I could not really warm to at all. 
Now You See Me - 68 
A manufactured blockbuster created to succeed, which I liked. But then again with all Hollywood films lacked any depth at all beyond fight scenes and one liners from a crew of pretty people. 
Scott Pilgim - 45 
I so really wanted to like this film with a blunt humour and gaming CGI effectes durring fight sequences and so on. But I did not get into it at all. Also quite a predictable story line, but I think Michael Cera is good as always. 
The Worlds End - 68 
A perfect end to the cornetto trilogy, any more would have been over kill. Strong supported of the comedy from Frost and Pegg. I believe it was as good as Shaun of the Dead but I never really was a great fan of the films anyway. 

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