Saturday, 20 July 2013

Saturday Mornings.

Since my birthday my Saturday mornings are now spent trawling through the photos of my week selecting and enhancing photographs for my new photo journal, a birthday present from a good friend. I do not know where she bought it from but it is certainly one of my favourite gifts for my birthday this year, wrapped in awesome map patterned wrapping paper that was featured in My Birthday Walk About post (currently being flattened under my mattress to be put on my wall as a map). 

There are lots of pages thick enough to hold lots of photographs without being weighed down.  Consequently, this has not made me the favourite at the printing store as i get each photo printed in varying sizes from 4x6 to 2x3 and all sizes in between. As you can see my planning is quite extensive, not to dissimilar from my days when i constructed my A Level sketch books.

Every time i get a new photo album i usually give up half way in, so hopefully i will complete this one!

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