Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Birthday Gifts.

So I said I would share some of the best gifts for my 18th, and the end of the month seemed an apt time. The majority of these photos were taken of an iPhone as they are taken of me rather than by me with my camera.

My brother did really well with gifts this year considering he is usually completely and redundant and he missed it again for the third or forth year running due to shooting meets. The card was a clear win, illustrated by my favourite - Quentin Blake (also illustrating my favourite childhood book, Mr Magnolia). Then accompanied by a 30 pack of Ferraro Rocher and best of all a shark face gang sweater! Due to my constant ramblings about Macklemore and Ryan Lewis some of you may have gathered I am inclined to the music they produce, a lot. The picture was taken on my hotel porch in Italy, but more about that in a future post (without any make up, i may add). 

 I was also gifted a silver bracelet from Annie Haak which I adore from my mother, amongst other things. This picture taken on the morning if my birthday looking a little worse for wear having just woken up with no make up on.

I also received a great selection of albums and films from my wish list which I will do a further post on, but most notably the new Tom Odell album is mine, gifted from my grandmother in fantastically pink floral matching wrapping paper and card. 
Additionally I must add the cards I did receive were all primarily pink, and for someone who could not be caught dead in pink, this serves quite a conundrum. 

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