Monday, 11 November 2013

October Half Term.

October half term, something every university has attempted to dolefully disguised as reading week; as when you get to university as it is not plausible to ever suggest to a university student to stop reading. We must always read - apparently. The library i feel is now an extension of myself, i seem to live there more than i do my own house. However, like many, i chose this opportunity to go back to my parents house and scrounge off them for a few days while i am skint.
Being skint however still does not stop me from spending money apparently. Last night i went to the hammersmith apollo to see The Killers. Which was immense, as someone who has been brought up on the voice of Brandon Flowers and singing to their albums for the past decade it was surreal to be singing along to a Killers song with Brandon Flowers.

Now, these photos were taken on my Serene phone from Bang and Olufsen, so they are really bad quality but i am beginning to warm to the phone after two months of suffering with it. I think the poor quality and the obscure angle allow for fairly abstract images. 
Thursday was a fairly slow day reading my book, How To Loose Friends And Alienate People written by the Toby Young, and going to the rugby club where i drank a J20 with glitter in it. Glitter!

Friday was again fairly slow with a little bit of revising for an economics test that greeted me at my first day back to university. However Friday evening was the main reason for going back to my parents house - to attend my presentation evening and collect my a level results. As i participated in this event i did not photograph, however my father did on the camera not quite the greatest quality either it seems. So hen uploading the photos i realised just how blurry they are; the result follows. 

After a slow evening socialising with old teachers and people i used to attend school with, the year group went out to catch up. This panoramic photo on the train being one of my favourites taken by a friend.

Saturday was a slow day only beginning when we were driving back to London in the evening (saving me a train fare) and went to go see an aunt for the first time in years. On departure gifting me with some scrummy jam and a vegetable from her allotment which i am not entirely sure what to do with or even what it is called; but i love it because it is like a flower and a star mushed together. 

With the penultimate stop off at the lost theatre to see a warm up gig from Frank Skinner, dry and filthy but perfectly english. Reaching back home in Mile End around midnight only to realise i had not eaten properly since Thursday. 
That was certainly a good little catch up. Jolly good.

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