Thursday, 14 November 2013

The Christmas Lights At Oxford Street.

Recently i feel as though i am slipping backwards and getting bad again. I dragged myself out of bed at 5:30 on Tuesday afternoon to go to watch the crowds just after the lights were switched on. Arriving ten minutes after the event the crowds leaving the street was immense, at a complete stand still at every entrance to the underground. 

Additionally, the crowds also leaked onto the roads making it almost impossible for drivers to move. Then when the lights turn to allow pedestrians to actually cross the roads the entire junction was flooded with people.

Deciding since that there was no chance of me getting onto the underground anytime soon without being crushed, i walked along Oxford Street for an hour or so at my own pace. The few benches available benches along the pavement provided the perfect opportunity to photograph the length of the street rather than a section of the street at one time. 

Obviously, i popped by the John Lewis window which is always so cute and clever, this year tying in very well with their new christmas television advert.

The New John Lewis Christmas Advert 2013:

My all time favourite John Lewis Christmas Advert 2011:

The rest of the photographs from this night are up on my other blog:

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