Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The English Get Patriotic.

I am afraid it is quite an English trait to celebrate so fondly the event that is Bonfire Night on the 5th November. The 5th is an event to celebrate the gunpowder plot to overthrow parliament and the burning of Guy Fawkes. As i said, only the English can patriotically celebrate the attempted murder of the government and the killing of a terrorist.
Something that we are all brought up on, the classic year four syllabus at school to learn what the hell Guy Fawkes was trying to attempt. On top of this, each year on 5th November each town or village builds a giant model of Fawkes (closely resembling an oversized scarecrow) and then we light it up. Tradition to watch a model of a former man burn to ashes, and then have fireworks and sparklers in a freezing field on a school night. Madness.

Being in London for my first 5th November, i was expecting it to be a little bigger than the usual gathering on the local green of 400 people.
This year i went to Southwark Park near Canada Water to watch the fireworks and eat cheap greasy burgers out of a mobile van. Again i am afraid that the entire event passed without taking a single photograph as i still have no camera, but nabbed a few photos from a friends iPhone. The entire event lasted for about an hour, but i love fireworks so it was amazing any which way. We then walked back with the crowds past the over crowded Canada Water and onto Bermondsey tube station where there were fewer people. Unfortunately they did not have a bonfire to my great disappointment.
I intend to reclaim my camera by the end of the week. I know at some point i need to buy a camera of my own, but i am very attached to my six year old brick of a camera.

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