Sunday, 24 March 2013

Drinks at the waterhole, in their natural environment.

Had a crazy busy day yesterday, so did not post anything. I am  hoping to get into the habit of posting every other day if possible.
Yesterday began with my best driving lesson yet and i hope to take my test within in the next two months which is so exciting! Then had my penultimate shift at work and bought a bag of thirty or so keys for £1.50 - because I could.  Then went to town to dinner with friends afterward. 
We went to this Asian fusion restaurant in the back alleyways of Piccadilly Circus, called Satsuma. They had lots of noodle dishes with chicken or beef as well as lots of little side plates and mixed platters of sushi and vegetable dumplings. It had a really warm atmosphere and we were on the ground level, instead of the underground level so we could see the streets. It has a communal table layout so you end up sitting across from some stranger eating your dinner but we were sat with a group of French guys, so they just spoke French and we just spoke English so we just got on with it.
Table and menus
I ordered a Chicken Yaki Soba, which is basically noodles and chicken with a bunch of other stuff that i do not question because it tasted so good. Also order Duck Gyoza as it is my favourite side and was so happy they served it. The service was really quick and the waiters were super nice. It was also really cheap with my whole meal a £12.50 or something.
Chicken Yaki Soba

Duck Gyoza
The desserts looked good and they had a green tea ice cream which sounded intriguing, but instead we got got the bill and when to this late night drink place down the street called Bubbleology. 
Drink mixers
Bubbles of flavour

Print on my drinks cup

My empty drinks cup

Science is cool!
So they basically set this whole place out like a science lab, the baristas making your drinks wear lab coats and there are equations are formulas all over the chalk board walls. My friend got a mango and passion fruit tea and i shared a drink of lychee and white peach with a friend which was amazing and so easy to drink. The whole unique selling point about this place is the drink has these capsules of flavour in the bottom which you drink with the cold tea. Its a really nice place just to take a break but there is not much space and only a dozen or so stools to sit down at. Its a little pricey as well considering how much ice they put in the cup - £3.50 for a regular and £3.75 for a large. 
Front door alley

Side of the building

Front door

Tall shot, front door
Then everyone else bailed because they had been out shopping all afternoon, which gave me the opportunity to get some great night shots, so i went for a late night wonder up Piccadilly and got photos from The Ritz who always have really friendly doormen who will talk to anyone, even though i was not a guest. At the south end there were a group of local performers who were entertaining in the cold weather and then i took a random photo of one of my favourite Asian restaurants called Wasabi, in its emptiness closed for the night.
Performers ring

From the statue


I got the train back at about 11 and waited round for a lift back home, which gave me the chance to photograph the train station when it was abandoned at night.
Waiting for the Bakerloo northbound to Paddington

Calling for a ride in six layers of clothes in the cold

Undying love for my docs

So will put up a post tomorrow of my latest CD haul or a recent TED lecture which was so inspiring, but will going to Stonehenge on Wednesday so will post that photo set later in the week, when i am reunited with my mac.

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