Sunday, 31 March 2013

Oxford for the win!

Sunday afternoon and no school tomorrow, Easter Sunday with lots of chocolate and just finished watching the Oxford Cambridge Boat Race (which Oxford won all the races Men's, Women's, Reserve's and Lightweight's). The competitiveness between Oxford and Cambridge in the likes of rowing for 159 years beginning in 1829, the current winning score to Cambridge with 81 and 77 to Oxford (men) and Cambridge 40 and 27 to Oxford (women), however the first race in 1829 was won Oxford by a long distance. Being a supporter of the Oxford team it was a good turn out today, an improvement from last year. However Cambridge won the Goat Race for the fifth year in a row and the Veteran's race. Information, history and stats can be found of the Boat Race Website
Table flowers
Prior to this i went to lunch at the local pub with the fam which was so yummy and they had a special Easter Sunday menu, so for pudding they had mini egg ice cream which was such fun, with a brownie current mixture. For a main i ordered pan-fried salmon fillet with hazelnut pesto and potatoes which was so good i did not quite get the chance to take a photograph the plate before i ate it all, so i only have a photo of my empty plate. 
Salmon Fillet
Brownie and Mini Egg Ice Cream 

Easter chocolate bunny
A few maintenance improvements and bug fixes for the blog - i was thinking due to the frequency of me photographing my food i might start up an independent blog with just photographs of my food, rather than clutter this blog with just my food pictures. But just a thought. Additionally, i have come head on with a few scheduling issues as i am away from my mac, for five days to a week at a time, therefore i either need to blog less frequently or just schedule posts for when i am away, so need to knuckle down and do something about sooner rather than later. 
And to conclude a shot of how unusually long my hair has grown. I am currently contemplating on getting my haircut in the near future (by which i mean in six months, prior to university) and cannot decide what to do with it (i look like i am headless because i am leaning backwards off the back of the sofa).

What to do???

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