Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Victoria & Albert Drama.

So i was meant to go to Stonehenge last Wednesday but completely fuddled up my weeks timetable, therefore this has been postponed until next Friday i think, which will consequently put a little pressure on me to produce my art work from my findings before i go back to school but it will have to do. Instead, i went to the Victoria and Albert Museum in South Kensington and did some figurative and structural drawings. Due to the improvised manner of my excursion i forgot my sketch pad which meant i filled three museum maps with various sketches and observations.

Main Hall, from the dreaded balcony

Statue hall
The people on the bench sat there for fifteen minutes or so, which allowed me to create a really detailed observation
I took a few photographs around the place but mainly just drawings. Just before i left to get back home i had a little episode, in which, while drawing with great enthusiasm on a balcony in the main statue gallery i dropped my sketchbook onto a ledge two meters below. This caused great distress within as i could not reach it and had no one with me to calm me down and interject a rational action to take. Fifteen minutes later after a mini break down by myself on the balcony staring at my final sketchbook i called a friend who told me to go get maintenance to see if there was any chance they could get it back for me. I went to go talk to the man at the information desk, when telling him about the location of my lost book, he went on to laugh at me stating this was a rare occurrence. After he had had his giggle he called maintenance which consisted of one little asian man who i had disrupted a meeting with some contractors on the roof of the building. After he rescued my book i was well shaken and was in a fragile state the entire journey home, i am so helpless by myself. Therefore i took a few photographs of my sketches just to back them up incase i ever misplace them again, and though i might just share a few with you.

Main Hall arch sketch

Detail from Main Hall arch sketch

V&A balcony, a little more abstract 

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