Friday, 26 April 2013

No one thing can define me.

Found this guy through my Facebook feed i think (which lately, just seems to be videos - is my Facebook trying to be Youtube). He is an English artist of the spoken word, which basically means he is a rapper with less backing music. Suli Breaks (sulibreezy - Youtube). And his videos are awesome. Most recently his videos have been on the modern perception of education and work, which is a subject i could really relate to. The lyrics are so well written and meaningful, it encourages you to be more open minded and widen your perspective of what you need in life and what we are told we want and do. His break through video i would regard as his viral video is - Why i hate school but love education, with nearly three million views at present. However my favourite video is - I will not let an exam result decide my fate, as at the moment thats how i am feeling with my university application. 

Why I Hate School But Love Education 

I Will Not Let An Exam Result Decide My Fate

On a lighter note, i started posting on my new blog yesterday which shows where and what i eat (when it is interesting enough) called What I Ate TODAYish. So in the future i will post on here about what i have done in the day or what i want to share and then put a link which will have my food, so this feed does not get cluttered with dinner plates. 
See you later!!

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