Monday, 8 April 2013

Trance. 67.

I follow Example on twitter - because he is an overall solid, British guy with some good songs and some incredible mixes. He does little film reviews now and again and rates them out of 100 'popcorns' (his own scoring system, obviously) on how much he liked them and whether he would recommend them. I thought i would adopt this idea because i watch quite a few films on a weekly basis and am always badgering my friends about how amazing some unknown actor is and how this film is so supreme to anything i have seen of late. 
A lot of the less known, indie films i watch are usually due to suggestion from an idol of mine Mark Kermode. He has a blog on the BBC website called Kermode Uncut and has insets on the Culture Show on BBC2. However Trance, a film with James McAvoy, Vincent Cassel and Rosario Dawson and directed by Danny Boyle (the boy who can do no wrong), was the most twisted, mind fuck sort of film i have seen in a while. 

It had surrealistic gore and blood similar to Drive (with Ryan Gosling) alongside a solid theme of travelling and pushing the boundaries when exploring and exploiting the human mind, not to dissimilar from Inception (with Leonardo Di Caprio) - however Inception was easier to keep up with. Even after consoling the entire plot and twists i still could not fully understand whose side i was on and which parts were a dream or hallucination and which parts were a real part of the story.  As well as this it had a strong theme of crime as well as some art and culture thrown in there too. Then on top of that, there were some blunt nudity shots that were captured in a basic, unartistic manner but were still so surrealistic as well as aesthetic at the same time. Although i must applaud Rosario Dawson for the sheer bravery of doing the shot.
What i thought was most brilliant was how the way in which the story was told you were never sure at the end which was the good guy and who was the evil villain and who was on who's side and which side i wanted to be on. It showed that each of the three main characters (shown above) were all wronged by one another, each had a bad side to them but all had an additional vulnerable side - a weakness.
I understand that my summery of this film was as confusing as the film itself, i lack the talent of Summly
I think generally the reviews for this film have been disappointment since Danny Boyle's wonder moment in the Summer of 2012 during the London Olympics. 
On the other hand, i enjoyed it immensely on the big screen, however it would not be something i would watch repeatedly as it is exhausting to watch and quite heavy going.
So in the spirit of Example's Popcorn rating i am giving this film 67 popcorns

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