Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Past of the future creators.

So i have been away for just over a week now, and we are on an even date, so i thought i would make a post. My little unplanned break from my blog was due to the overwhelming amount of art coursework recently. Are deadline for all coursework over the past year in next Friday, so everyone including me, are beginning to loose out sanity as a result of the stress. Some self induced, most unavoidable stress. I had my fifteen hour exam piece on Monday and Tuesday which was dire but really productive, and hopefully when i exhibit my work for the moderator i may share my art from the past year on here. However, once this is over next week, it will give me a lot more time to focus on my remaining subjects as well as getting back into this.
Now, the reason i wanted to post so desperately instead of art coursework was to do a little round up of the draw my life videos that consumed Youtube since the beginning of January, the first being posted by Sam Pepper (i think) on the 8th January. Since then i have trawled through many of the videos as i thought it was a great way for the creators to connect with the viewers in a way that is not the normal, and the fact i am generally in terseted in other peoples past - not in a gossip like way rather that i just find it allows me more understanding of the person. I have not seen as many of them as i would like to, but i think i am getting there (almost). And what stuck me most prominently was the divorce rate of the parents of the creators. I allowed this to mull over in my mind and it gave me a confidence that how i feel, and how fifty percent of the children in families feel, right now is going to turn around. Even when you do not feel like the place you are in is escapable, i see all these people and think otherwise.
There was a saying that got thrown around a lot when i was younger, that is - if everybody put all there problems in a pile to swap for somebody else's problems, the likelihood is they would grab their own problems back. From this i feel like these recent videos have reinforced this for me, i the kindest way possible even though i feel like i am in the worst possible life scenario, i do not think i would want to swap with anyone else, as i know that right now i can handle what is going on around me.
So to finish this note a little lighter, i want to share my top five favourites that inspire me and give me hope and happiness.
1. Louis Cole - FunForLouis. An exception to the trend of separated parents, leads such a free and nomadic life and some of his vlogs are amazing.

2. Philip De Franco - SxePhil. His videos are the equivalent to the entertainment section in the morning paper.

3. Louise - Sprinkle Of Glitter. I think she is adorable and keeps a blog which is so good and constant (unlike my own).

4. Kate - Piddleass. I love her vlogs as she is not afraid to show the energetic, crazy side of her self , inside of us all.

5. Sam Pepper. Pranks and vlogs never fail to amuse. And he is really English.

So, this was quite a internet based blog as right now nothing in my life is at all interesting to any level of significance, which is disappointing. However, this summer i am not going abroad to get a full time job and might just get a part time job closer to home, which means i will have more time to read, adventure, work on my blogs and develop my art. I also need to sell a tonne of my clothes before i go to university.

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