Friday, 12 April 2013

British Summer Time.

The weather is finally beginning to warm up in England, which is such relief as i feel i have not seen the sunshine in months. So, as per Briton, last week we got out the barbecue and had the first summer lunch of the year - ambitious. It was a good day, not really that hot, but warm enough. I think it is a British thing, as soon as enough people start to see the sun and it reaches 18 degrees Celsius, its basically considered summer in Britain. This also shows how much work i have been doing lately, revision for A2 exams next month (shitting bricks), as the only interesting thing in my life to blog about is a lunch i made last week. Wohoo!


Rosemary and oil for potatoes

Ready to go on the BBQ

Doctor Who stamps
The main reason why my first barbecue of the year is so fascinating is the fact that the following day, there were blizzards and snow. So that was a quick English summer, i hope you can join us all again next year!
AND exciting news! I got the 50th Anniversary Doctor Who Memorial Stamps! Such internal excitement, i was shameless when purchasing them in the post office, FEELS. Also there were three more stamps of villains from doctor who - a dalek, a weeping statue and another i can not remember at this moment. 

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