Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Stone Circles.

So as promised, for i do not know how many weeks now, i finally went to Stonehenge and Avebury Henge. I think it may have been the grimmest day of my Easter holiday, which was disappointing as i thought it might reduce the impact of the images for my art exam. However, i feel like the white sky really contributed to the sharp, grey of the rocks and would allow the viewer to focus more on the tone, shape and texture of the rock rather than the environment that the rocks were in. God this sounds like my art evaluation already. Chill.
After an early start to get out of the house early to allow for the journey to Wiltshire, my brother and sister were still in bed at 9.00am, so we did not end up leaving the house until 11.00am, which put a bit of a delay on my schedule but nevertheless we got out the house in the end. After following the directions on the Maps app for iPhone religiously we made it to Avebury Henge, which boasts that it is the largest stone circle in Europe, the weather cheered up - mildly i must emphasise. It comprises of three circles, one big circle with two circles in the larger one, and a ditch around the larger circle which used to be a moat - i think. I packed and distributed a lunch for everyone, including the dog, and we went off adventuring.

Original layout of Avebury, published in a late 19th century edition of the Swedish encyclopaedia. Original illustration by John Martin, based on an illustration by John Britton (copied from Wikipedia, such a go to)
Because you obviously need a sign to the biggest stone circle in Europe. Just incase you miss it!
Following the signs to where? 
The outer circle and moat
Very polite sign...

…Which my dog soon disobeyed

Just been doing some graphite drawings, mind my grubby hands

I do not quite understand the use of the adjective 'scheduled' ancient monument

My dog bounding along in the most disobedient manner
Rocks from the inner circle 
I think my hair gave up at this point
However throughout the duration of this excursion i had to keep focused as this, primarily, was a trip for observation and photography for my art examination in two weeks (or three). So here is a small batch of photos i may use - out of six hundred and fifty photos i did take. They all look quite boring, but my main aim is to take a textured layered subject piece and transform it into a two dimensional pattern.

The main reason i wanted to go to Avebury was because, unlike Stonehenge, you may touch the rocks and get great photos. Whereas at Stonehenge you can only walk round the circle at a distance and for a fee. Therefore we stood out side the area so i could just get a few shots of the place as it was imperative to tie my entire project together. You can especially see in these photos how dull the weather was, although it had taken a turn for the worse at this point in the day. 

I realise now that this is a post which has been over filled with photographs, but i took so many photographs i therefore feel the need to share an excessive amount.
And now i am not really sure how to finish up this post, most commonly i fill this bit in with a ramble about my blog problems. Not today Interneters.

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