Sunday, 28 April 2013


So i was recommended by a friend to listen to this electronic group that released some new stuff last month and i am now obsessed. They are a group of four french guys called 'C2C' who just toured the US finishing at Coachella on the 19th of April and are on there way to the UK. There album Tetra was released at the beginning of September last year and their deluxe album at the end of January of this year. There are 16 tracks, some that stand out above all others and others are just really solid mixes; my favourites being Down The Road and Happy. I highly recommend turning this up really loud when listening.

I have bought my ticket for the 20th of June where they play the HMV Forum in Camden as a little treat for myself after i finish my exams on the 14th. Something to look forward to!
However, every music video i watch post Macklemore and Ryan Lewis nothing quite has matched the aesthetic of their videos; saying that their music video for both Happy and Down The Road are very funny. Although if i do recommend to watch something from them, i would encourage you to look at the teaser video they released before the US tour. 

This video, the techniques and shots and style, inspire me to get back in the making videos so something might appear on here in a few months or so, depending on what i feel. As performers they look so excited at what they are doing, and the crowd look as though they are having a blast. Very excited for June as the venue is only 2000 people. Probably, would not take my camera to this and seeing as though my camera phone is in the shitter, might use a friends iPhone camera for the night, so look out for more of C2C!

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