Thursday, 4 April 2013

He is there inside your mind.

Last week was one of my friends eighteenth birthday, so for that we went to Her Majesty's Theatre in Piccadilly Circus to see Phantom of the Opera (due to the fact she was the first out of out little group to turn eighteen we could not go out as no one had over age identification to go to a club and drink themselves sick, like a usual British eighteenth celebration).This was the first time i had been to a popular theatre production, which i cannot compare to small indie productions i have previously been to. We grabbed lunch at an Eat bar and consumed it in the Upper Circle bar lounge, which was decorated impeccably. We were however seated in the Grand Circle which was a the first balcony above the stalls, which gave us a good view of the chandelier scene, however the seats were stacked at such a steep gradient you felt as if you were constantly being tipped forwards off the balcony edge. It was a long production but it felt like it was all over in an hour. I cannot recommend this enough and i enjoyed the experience thoroughly, and i would much like to go see more popular productions. 
My ticket

A friends cool print trousers 

Yummy crisps from Eat

Ceiling in the Upper Circle bar lounge 

First shelf seating
After this we went to a Mediterranean restaurant in Goodge Street called Terra. It was a tiny little restaurant seating 30 place settings on ground level and an unknown amount down stairs. I ordered a Greek salad, mainly because i wanted the feta cheese, which was so good and i finished in six or seven minutes and a side of skinny chips. Then for dessert, as it was my friend's birthday, the waiters brought us a profiterole tower each, which was so filling but the most incredible dessert. 
As it was a friends birthday, there are fewer pictures than usual as it was quite a private affair, but such a good day. 

Greek salad



My tower

My empty plate

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