Saturday, 6 April 2013

To the max and enjoy.

So a song i am crazy for at the moment is Lightspeed by Datsik & Kill The Noise another awesome track from UKF Music. Its a really good instrumental mix which has been the only thing getting me through my revision at the moment. I feel if i find a really long instrumental, it is great alongside my revision - my own version of classical music (which apparently is meant to make you work more productively because there are no words). It has such a great backing beat, but to truly appreciate it you have to turn it up really loud - mind blowing music.
Tip: the best bit begins at 1.30 (ish) minutes into the song

I feel like i have reached a really good place with where this blog is going, what purposes i am using it for; i felt like i was going into this whole slice of the internet blind (which i was), but i feel like i know what i want to say and what i want to do now. And this makes me feel a lot more comfortable with what i am writing and the frequency with which i want to share things on here. 

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