Thursday, 14 March 2013

I can not afford my style

Continuing from my previous post after the lecture we went in search of a Swedish clothes shop in Oxford Circus, called Monki. It is on Carnaby Street off Regent Street next to Cheap Mondays, who sell the most desirable denim wear ever. I went on there website pre-venture and it is full of clothes with twists, its like a quirkier version of H&M as well as the affordable prices. There were some expensive items, but the sale section was amazing with loads of really fun trousers at £5, £8 and £12. However, i mostly enjoyed the interior and general presentation of clothes, it was so different to other stores where they cram as many clothes on to the rails as possible. I spent ages photographing the staircase from the ground floor to the first floor as the lighting and mirrors were so psychedelic, however this caused a few issue when trying to capture it on camera. They also had a awesome soundtrack, including the Crystal Fighters who i adore. 
I also have some more picture from a skate park which i will put in a following post.
To Carnaby


First floor

Monki monsters from below

And there were mirrors on the ceiling!!

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