Thursday, 21 March 2013

Outside the City.

I feel all ever post about is my living in town, i thought it would be appropriate to inform you all, i know what grass is and i do go to the countryside - occasionally.
Breakfast Day One
Breakfast Day Two
So this is my little adventure with my the hockey first team at my school, our tour to Wiltshire led us to  play two games of hockey and the rest just trawling round the area.
We went to Longleat, which is like an open zoo - in a style that only England could create. For the half the time you walk round open areas to see smaller animals like wallabies, lemurs birds and giraffes (not all so small then) - but most importantly the deer and they let you feed them which is so much fun!Then the other half, you drive round in your car, in our case the school minibus. We ventured around the park to see rhinos, deer, lions, tigers, wolves and so much more, however we did not go to the monkey park to everyones disappointment. The monkey park at Longleat has a loud reputation for your car leaving the area without windscreen wipers, side mirrors and radiator grills due to the over confident, over curious monkeys. Consequently, as we were in the school van this was not permitted. And then finally, we went on a canal boat to feed the seals sardines see Gorilla Island and lots of hippos!
Marquis of Bath's Crib at Longleat 

Feeding the deer

Amazing light + a fantastic subject = a top picture

Deer feed


I feel its necessary to caption all my photos as i really did not like my pictures without captions on my last post

Previous caption was a little bit much

I think we spent half an hour feed these deer

The best animal to visit at Longleat 

There was no barrier between us in this area so you felt really exposed, like one was going to jump off the rope and on to your head or something 

Rhino walking away after it came up to the bus and gave it a little nudge 

Bit of a fuzzy image - not getting to close 

This bird photographs really well

After our weekend packed with hockey matches (sarcasm) we made the journey back to school stopping off at Bath city centre and passing Stonehenge. Adding to this point, i am going to Stonehenge and Avebury next week, which are these ancient formation of rocks in England, of which Avebury is the largest circle of rocks in the world (although i doubt there is much competition). So look out for that trip next week - an adventure to the countryside!

Cathedral in Bath city centre (most amazing fudge shop opposite)
The bus did not really slow down enough for my little iPhone
I would also like to add i took all these photos on my iPhone, as i didn't realise how little hockey we would be doing and we subsequently not prepared, however i was surprised and pleased at how well the pictures turned out.

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