Tuesday, 5 March 2013


So, to begin.
I think i am creating this blog for one of three purposes; firstly to improve my grammar, spelling and colloquial language. Hopefully, to start this may not be too painful for some people reading, as i know my general knowledge of how to use words properly, sucks.
Additionally, to put pressure upon myself to enjoy life a little more and stop being such a hermit. I think the fact that i will have nothing to write if i just stay at home all the time, will incentivise me to go be proactive.
And, finally, i will be able to look back on this as a record of what i have done and what i want to do, what aspirations i want to active in the future. And writing it on this blog means i can not loose it, like i would a hardback diary or sketch pad.
I think thats all that needs saying in this first post and i look forward to making this a little more of a habit.

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