Thursday, 7 March 2013

Two stars to the right & straight on til morning.

I thought an apt way to begin my posting was to let you all know where i am from and what environment surrounds me. I live in a town twenty-five minutes west of central London, and seem to spend the majority of my time there. I am currently going through the university application processes which is painfully tedious and exhausting, however i hope to enrol to Queen Mary University London, in East London, in September of this year; which means i will be in London much more than i already am.

Hat Stand
I went to a Christmas Warehouse Market in December of last year, in Shoreditch in East London which really, for me, captures the vibrance and freedom that i find prominent in East London. The Secret Emporium has opened in Factory 7 for the second time in 2012 and hope to go again at the end of this year. It had such a mellow and relaxed atmosphere and was not overcrowded at all (no christmas rush!). There was the most fantastic jazz/alternative live band (which looking back through my iPhoto Events, i do not seem to have a photograph of) who played throughout the evening. Clothes, hats, jewellery and christmas gifts were available from lots of small independant stalls and i got my face painted, which is awfully childish, but it was the best ever!
Entry was free, however the majority of the goods sold were quite expensive but of good quality.
Afterward we trawled round to Liverpool Street Station to go to our favourite street food vendor and each bought a tub of noodles and chicken to eat on the tube on the way to Winter Wonderland Christmas Fair Ground in Hyde Park, unfortunalty when we got there the queue was an hour long for entrance and i did not value the fair that much.
To follow are some pictures from the Warehouse Market.
View from the upper level
I know this is only my second post, so i am still trying to get the hang of this whole thing. Bare With!
Outside Factory 7

'Secret Emporium' text on the warehouse wall made out of cut doilies

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