Thursday, 14 March 2013

They see me rolling.

Finally, after we had the emotional courage to detach ourselves from the stores in Carnaby, i dragged my friend to a skate park on South Bank near Waterloo. However, we were so distracted when getting off the train we got off the train one stop early at Embankment and could not be bothered to wait for another so we thought it would be okay to walk across the bridge to the other side of the Thames. When we made this decision we were still in the underground, we immediately regretted this decision once we were above ground, but powered on.
The weather drastically changed into a forceful blizzard. Not our best idea to date.
We took shelter in the skate park and i took a few photos, so i could justify our trek across the exposed bridge. On the 7. March. 2013 new plans were announced for a Festival Wing which will consequently effect the area, this website lets people share why this place is important and why it must be kept as a key part of the community.

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