Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Is that your grandma's coat.

New Post. This is not a usual shallow post about my socks, controversial already.
So last week i had a little music haul as i had earned a little cash over the week and bought some new CD's from amazon (seeing as His Master's Voice (HMV) is no longer with us online). I bought Jake Bugg's album, Bad Blood from Bastille and The Heist from Macklemore and Ryan Lewis (i just told my Mac to learn the spelling of Macklemore). 
Everyone's favourite song from The Heist is most likely to be Thrift Shop, but mine is Same Love Featuring Mary Lambert. And it got me thinking (time for some deep thoughts) how today's generation is thought to have such an objective and equal view on the people in today's society, reguarding sexual orientation and lifestyle preferences, yet we are so far from this ideal. 
I am sure loads have people have seen this website but it just reminded me of it when listening and really paying attention the the lyrics of Same Love. No Homophobes (i assume its a spin off of the no homo hashtag) is a website that tracks the global feed of twitter for the use of four homophobic words and phrases: faggot, no homo, so gay and dyke. I allows you to see how frequently these phrases have been used today, the previous week or overall (since 5th July 2012). It also has a never ending roll of recent tweets which include this language. I feel shame for the generation i belong to, that the words so gay are used as insult, that to hurt another we name them something, that to another person is just a part of their lifestyle. Not only that, but the trend of the use of the phrase faggot, is seen to be increasing.
On a lighter note, i think the website layout is swell and the fact that it is constantly changing and updating really emphasises the frequency of each comment. And if you go on to the all time tab, there is an interactive graph, and i love a good graph. 
I do not feel entirely at ease at posting without a photo, but i am not sure how to screen print on a Mac to show you a snapshot of the website so i think i am just going to have to go with it.

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