Thursday, 14 March 2013

March, Left One Two Three Four

Had an economics lecture in Fulham Broadway on Wednesday. It was 5 hours long (with a 50 minute lunch break) which was exhausting, but it started at 10.00am which meant after 03.00pm we could venture out and enjoy the freezing weather. 
For lunch we went to a little cafe which is one of my all time favourites in west London called Moosh. They do the most amazing frozen yoghurts and always serve the freshest fruit. The walls and ground are covered in faux grass and there are shrubs and tree growing inside which makes it feel so fresh and healthy. There are three or four table on each floor, of which there are two, which means the food is fast and its not too loud. I ordered a goats cheese toastie with an annonymus chutney which was so good and very filling for £3.95. Bargain! My friend got the yummiest hot chocolate with so many marshmallows, with a peanut butter and jam sandwich she brought with her. Most importantly it had a strong wifi connection for the internet addicts amount us of which i am one.
I have so many photos from the meal that i think i might so the rest of my day in a separate post.
Hot Chocolate




Crates of pineapples on the second floor

Fulham Area

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